Need help ensuring your transformer assets are working to their full potential?


Transaudit are the leaders in their field. We offer unbiased comments on asset condition based on fact and detail - not on keeping our laboratory busy.


It's what we do best... At Transaudit, all we do are transformers. From factory acceptance all the way through to end of life and everything in-between.


Reporting. The Transaudit website offers reporting to our customers that makes planning your condition based maintenance a breeze. We offer down loadable data extracts, built in reports, inspection sheets as well as overall condition sheets.

Previous oil and electrical test data no further than 3 clicks away, detailed oil analysis, detailed transformer analysis, thermography and more, plus this information is available anywhere anytime on most devices.


Transaudit offers simple to read graphs showing various levels of information about your transformer condition or DGA status

age & estimated life calculations.


Using a number of techniques, Transaudit will provide an estimated life expectancy of your transformer. We use many levels of assessment including in-house DP calculations alongside Powerlink Laboratories own calculations as well as the Chendong Equations, we look closely at the manufacture of the transformer, the components used, it's LTN value (life till now), how well it is performing against the rest of the design fleet and of course it's DGA component.

knowledge is power - literally in this case.


Longevity - 6 years, same staff

How much credibility is lost when each time you ring your service provider you find yet more key staff have moved on and have been replaced with "yet someone else" you need to explain your network to. Does that install confidence in you that the provider you are using is actually capable of fulfilling their promises? You wont have that problem with Transaudit. many of our customers are coming into 7 continuous years of using Transaudit, and they have spoken to the same people the whole time.





Our Online database and condition assessment tool uses the latest technology to build accurate and precise assessments of your transformers. ir, acoustics, cluster assessments and our continuous refinement loop is just part of our package at no extra cost.



Using multiple standards such as IEC-60599, C57.104-2008, Rogers ratios, Duval triangle, Oomman curves for moisture and proprietary methods, our oil analysis is second to none. our knowledge base of components adds a dimension offered by no other diagnostic package.


Our web based condition assessment tools work on most browsers, the site is designed to work on all major operating systems and of course is tablet enhanced. a secure SQL database holds all information and has recorded only a few seconds downtime over the last 6 years. Your data is yours - you can download at anytime, all original reports are included for download and the site is designed to be printed e.g. scroll bars open up when printed so they don’t hide any information.


The Transaudit database is fast - with mobile access in mind, and qr coding allows instant access to your information when on site.


Cost Effective

In many instances, our customers found using Transaudit for the oil sampling plus full audit package has been similar in cost to what they are currently paying for just oil analysis with their own staff taking the sample. We will be happy to quote you for your next round of oil analysis and of course, there are no ongoing monthly fees - ever.


Our prices are fixed on an annual basis which includes many other extras without any hidden or non-disclosed costs, and usually for little more than you are paying for your current services.


Customer Data Entry

None. Transaudit gathers and enters all available data. We will chase your previous service providers and obtain existing test and maintenance data, and we will add this data to Transaudit to give a seamless history - as if you never changed providers at all.


Why choose Transaudit?


Certified Professionals

All our employees have expertise in their respective fields and work extremely hard to ensure high quality and timely service. We hire only talented professionals and unlike others, we are not a turnstile of employees.


Attention to Detail

We look at everything. From design to manufacturing to components to oil to test data. Our reports are clear, precise and not full of hyperbole to bulk them up. simple and to the point.


Affordable & independent service

We have no hidden charges, no lock in contracts, no monthly fees - single annual payment for our services. we are truly independent without laboratories to keep busy or field services staff to keep employed. Transaudit - reduces cost, saves time, condition based maintenance


How it works


Our service is really quite simple

















With this system, even the seasoned engineers are often very surprised by our findings. Time based maintenance can become a thing of the past easily by using Transaudit.


How does your current method decide which transformer is maintained and exactly what maintenance should be performed? Is it a time based system such as an MMS or in-house system that every few years spits out a work order whether the transformer needs service or not? Let Transaudit show that condition based maintenance will save time, money, increase reliability and decrease downtime.




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