Trans-Sample Oil Sampling Couplings

Transaudit have developed an oil sampling system with its Trans-Sample Coupling that ensures no air can enter the transformer during the sampling process. This system ensures that - even if the sampling hose is removed without closing the main valve - no oil will escape from the equipment being sampled, and every sample is repeatable. This connection to the transformer, on-load tap changer or oil circuit breaker is a static connection, that remains on the equipment for its entire in service life. This in turn eliminates the issue of sample cross contamination due to poor sampling techniques, and field technicians can reduce the amount of equipment being transported for their work, and eliminate delays arising from a technician lacking the correct reducers and flanges. All transformers can be safely checked as to whether or not a sample can actually be taken without the risk of a transformer under vacuum sucking in air when the sampling valve has been opened. Development of this sampling device occurred over 12 months with trials of different designs being tested under vacuum and under pressure to ensure durability of the device.


Transaudit have taken the previous mentioned concerns to the next level and prevented air from entering the equipment being sampled by installing the Trans-Sample coupling and using the Transaudit supplied sampling kits. Easily installed, Cost Effective and Safe. Read our discussion paper - "Controlling oil sampling to ensure plant and operator safety" here.


Download the Trans-Sample brochure here.





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