Our core business is the Transaudit on-line database. We have spent many years honing this to a world leading condition assessment tool. If you would like a demonstration, please contact and we will happily visit your site as well as arrange access to our demonstration website after establishing your needs.


Transaudit have customers with 400+ transformers on their networks right down to small industrials with15 transformers on their site. Transaudit customers range from Rail Networks, Public Transport, Industrial Applications, Mills such as Sugar and Pulp & Paper, Renewable Energy and Power Generation. Our on-line database suits all applications, and is easily transportable between countries that use IEC and IEEE standards.


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Transaudit also manufacture and sell the Trans-Sample oil sampling couplings, supply disposable breathers with oil free valve and are the Australian & New Zealand agents for the Weidmann Insulogix Hydrogen / Moisture monitors.


We pride ourselves in only providing the best quality equipment to our customers. We have installed over 1000 Trans-Sample couplings  across Australia and New Zealand. Click below for more information.


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